A whole week of skiing and club activities for older children
activity program
Special week dedicated to children aged 5 to 13.

The morning is dedicated to fun and games under the supervision of the club animators: indoor games or outdoor activities such as sledge riding, snowball battles or snowshoeing.
At lunchtime, they will take seat at the Cariboo club for a delicious meal concocted by our chef. Then it's time for their ski lesson.
At 2.30 pm, the animators drop them off to the instructors, regardless of their level. It’s time for them to learn and have a good time in the snow…Two and a half hours of fun and practice.

Feel free to contact us +33 4 79 41 75 41
Technical information
For all children from 5 to 13 regardless of their level
Wearing a helmet is highly recommended
Please provide a little snack
Full day sessions sundays to fridays. Morning at the Cariboo club (located in Arc 1950), lunch is included, ski lessons from 2:30-5:00pm.
February holidays break : ski lessons from 2:00-5:00pm.
Growing up...step by step
Initiation or skill reinforcement, a full day session with state-certified instructors and animators
What to wear
Warm clothing, gloves or mitten paws, sunglasses or ski masks, sunscreen, tissues + a change of clothes for the morning at the club.
This offer isn't available for the selected date, please choose another date or another activity
Worldwide coverage, 24/7 repatriation assistance, refund ski lessons, medical expenses, research costs, off-piste skiing and competition
Ski rental/ Kids Snow Pack Junior Evolution
The weekly ski pack (poles, shoes, skis) or snowboard pack (boots and board) is suited for kids between 4 and 5 feet high (1m20-1,40m)
Ski rental /Kids Pack Junior Sensation
The weekly ski pack (poles, shoes, skis) or snowboard pack (boots and board) is suited for kids or adults between 4 and 5 feet high (1m40-1,60m) with advanced level
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