Where is the meeting point for the lessons ?
In front of the Taj-I-Mah hotel, where all ski schools meet. We have an 'Evolution2' flag.
I have booked ski rental, where do I get it from?
We work with Precision Ski, You can go there and give your name.
Is the ski pass included in the lessons?
No. You must buy a pass from the ski lift ticket offices (www.lesarcs.com). The package is free for children under 6 years of age upon presentation of an identity document (age requirement regulated by the Société des Montagnes de l'Arc). Children under 6 must have their free ski pass in their pocket, however. As part of the ski lessons, you will be asked for a "Massif Les Arcs - Peisey Vallandry" package from level 1 (Adults & Children).
Are the instructors state graduates?
Yes. In France, all ski instructors (regardless of ski school) follow the same training at the National School of Ski and Mountaineering in Chamonix. They receive the same diploma issued by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (State Diploma)
Is the helmet compulsory for children?
Wearing a helmet is not compulsory but highly recommended for children, adolescents and adults.
Our lessons start from Arc 1950, how do I get there?
Just take the 'Cabriolet' lift, a free pedestrian lift. You can also use the small slope between Arc 2000 and 1950. It only takes 5 minutes.
Are the courses canceled in case of bad weather?
No. You are in the mountains! Bring good equipment: warm gloves, mask, etc. If necessary, the ski instructor (or technical management) is the only person to make the cancellation decision for weather conditions.
How old can you start skiing?
We welcome children from 3 years old as part of a formula adapted to their age: ski initiation. This formula is supervised by state-certified ski instructors.
My 4 year old child has already skied for a week, do I have to register him for ski initiation?
No. If your child has already skied for a week, you can then register him for a group lesson starting for 5 years and over.
Are the courses refunded in the event of an accident during the stay?
No. We advise you to take out specific insurance, such as a "Sports Card" ou "Carré neige".
What is the language used during the lessons?
Our instructors are all French. For group lessons, they will speak both French and English. For private lessons, you can request another language, but this is to be defined when booking the lessons.
How do I recognize the instructor?
They wear a sandy colour outfit (black for the girls) with Evolution2 written on the back.
What is the maximum number of people in a private lesson?
A private lesson can count up to 4/5 people. The price varies depending on the number of people.
What is the maximum number of people in a group?
It goes to 8-10 people maximum in a group.
Is it possible to book group lessons only for 3 or 4 days?
In the booking in advance we only offer 6-day packages. We invite you to contact the ski school office once there to try to accommodate your request as far as available.
Group lessons start on Sunday, what if I arrive later?
We invite you to come to the ski school office or to call us to find out together which group corresponds to your level and so that you can join the course as much as possible.
If my child has an illness or allergy, should I inform the instructor?
Yes. It is best to keep the instructor informed to help him take whatever action is necessary in the event of a problem.
I have a problem and I have to cancel my vacation but I have already paid for my activities. Can I be refunded?
The general conditions of sale stipulate that in the event of cancellation more than a week before the start date of the sports services, the sum of € 30 will be retained as file processing costs and in the event of cancellation of less than '' One week before the start date of the service, no refund will be made.
What is the Cariboo’s Club?
It is a children's club for children over 3 which offers entertainment and activities and which also welcomes children for lunch. A “crèche” area, the Petit Cariboo, is reserved for toddlers (9 months to 3 years). The Club is located on Arc 1950, two minutes from Arc 2000 by the free Cabriolet lift.
We have our accommodation in Arc 2000, how do I get to Arc 1950 for the kids club?
Just use the Cabriolet lift, a free pedestrian lift between Arc 2000 and 1950. The Club is only 2 minutes walk down the village of Arc 1950.
What if I am not sure of the participant's ski level or if it does not correspond to the group level during the week?
No worries, we harmonize the groups on the first day of the week. If you or your child does not have the correct level, we can change the level or group.
Can I pay for my ski lessons when I arrive at the resort?
In order for the reservation of your ski lessons to be effective, we ask you for the full payment of this on the day of your reservation.
Can I choose my monitor?
If you wish to take a course with a specific instructor, you must request it when making your reservation by email at contact@evolution2-arc2000.com or by phone on You can choose it if you choose private lessons and not group lessons. We can then validate the time slots according to their availability.
I would like to book the children's club and the ski lessons. Can I do it in the same place on the website?
Indeed, you can make only one reservation for ski lessons and your children's club.